South America 2017, 35mm Film

It was always going to take more than a slightly sticky shutter and a gang of knife-wielding pickpockets to deter me from having a crack at a few rolls of film. Here’s a few that made it through the development process, albeit with a consistent defect on the right side of the frame.



Wildly unsafe at times (like, boys on bikes with firearms were a real consideration), but deliciously Brazilian. I regretted not taking a photo of the very voluptuous woman catwalking proudly up the beach in a thong, carrying a jumbo red and white striped box of popcorn. Girls run the world.

Best butts award goes to Rio.




A charming and vibrant city, home to a treacle of vintage shops & street art along Beco De Batman. Props to Frank (miss jou) who sat patiently in a couple of stores until I found *that* denim jumpsuit – yes you know the one, and also invested in tequila shots at 2pm to keep us kicking. Would love to come back here one day.




OK so disclaimer I literally had only one day here and yes fine I did take myself on a wine tour (in a group which inevitably consisted of two painfully touristy American sweethearts in cargo shorts, a Chinese couple with broken English who knew more about the economy of Chile than our tour guide, an “I’m just here for the wine and some snaps/ schnapps” Aussie also known as ‘me’, and a lone creepy German guy who was taking a break from his break in Thailand doing… well it doesn’t matter what he was doing there).

Valparaíso was awesome and wish my Lomography expired portra survived the journey, as there were some gorgeous shots of an old guitar player up along the rooftops that I would have loved to see again. Viña del Mar was okay, but I was jetlagged and a bit ~over it~ until we got to the epic vineyard and I experienced a convenient second burst of energy which allowed me the strength to endure a few of their proudest and loudest. Also took a cheeky selfie; I might be using film but I’m sahh modern.