Hamilton Island Race Week 2016

Only 2 months after this holiday actually occurred (having realised the whole “9-to-5-full-time-job-having” thing really soaks up your life, much like a dense pancake absorbing an inadequate serving of maple syrup), I’m finally getting around to uploading some photos from one of the most relaxing and decadent holidays I’ve been on in… well, forever.

Big thank you, and of course now annual expectation, to the world’s best boyf for whisking me away to Hamilton Island to take in the sights of the boat shoe capital of Australia impressive Hamilton Island Race Week. I’m not sure if he knows, but he never really had a choice; the work trip perfectly coincided with my birthday, but I’ll let him have it. Special shout out to mum here too who was kind enough to point out that on this birthday in particular, at 25, I’m now half her age. Greeeat.

I’ll spare the gory details, but the surprise accommodation at Qualia, Piper Heidsiek lunch (many champagne, much happy), sunrise hike, an Audi dinner with accompanying birthday song & cake, and morning on a yacht watching the sailing were all way up there. The chopper flight over Heart Reef & Whitehaven Beach following a snorkel with 3 metre gropers was also acceptable.

Until next year, my little slice of paradise.